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Dave Coverly Coloring Pages

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Download 8 coloring pages as a .zip file.

To download any file simply right-click (option-click Mac) on the link below and choose “Save Target As…” or “Save Linked File To Desktop” or something similar (different browsers use different wording).

These files are delivered as .zip files. You will need to “unzip” them once they are downloaded to your computer. Phones and tablets may not be able to download and/or unzip these files.

Check Dave’s website, Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter feed for more info.

From Janis: I can’t even remember how I first got in touch with Dave, because every time I start to think about it I remember one of his comics and start to laugh! I mean, I thought about naming my dog “Speed bump” in Dutch because I love the word “Drempel”, but in the end even I didn’t have the nerve…