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David Cohen Coloring Pages

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Download 17 coloring pages as a .zip file.

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These files are delivered as .zip files. You will need to “unzip” them once they are downloaded to your computer. Phones and tablets may not be able to download and/or unzip these files.

Check David’s Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter feed for more info.
Visit “Tim TV“, featuring comic book heros like Stan Lee.
See his current project.

Of course, all images are © by David Cohen, but you are allowed to download them for personal use from here because, well, he’s a generous guy!

From Janis: I loved a couple of cartoons I saw by David, and tried to reach him with no luck until another cartoonist got hold of him for me. (Thanks!) His cartoons are often political and right on the mark, but for this project he’s provided a simpler look at things. I particularly love the way he honors his dogs.