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Credits & Special Thanks

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You know the saying “It takes a village”? On a project like this, it takes more than a village – it takes dozens of people on several continents. With the exception of our webmaster (who does have to earn a living doing this, but has worked for a fraction of his normal fees), this entire project has been created by volunteers. Here is where they’re thanked and credited. I’d appreciate your taking the time to look at their names and give them a mental shout-out, because it couldn’t have been done without them. – Janis Ian


Steve Wilkison/Digital Vision Media: website design & maintenance 
Jeff Evans: Metadata, slating, creating and editing videos as necessary
Ian Macrae Young: landing page photo 
Takahiro Maeda: project manager and executive producer, Japan
Abe Tsutomu: assisting translator, Japan
Joan Maute: Pearl Foundation eBay manager
Sue Coccia: creator of all personalized cartoons on this site

* Public domain photographs are credited on or near the photo. Click on any image for a full description.


Jeff Evans, without whom this project could not have been done.
Doug Orr, Eric Gnezda, Gareth Bonello, Helene Webman, Ian Young, Takahiro Maeda, and Sean Timmons, who suggested contributors at my request or facilitated my ability to reach people I didn’t personally know.
Kathleen Hansen, Artistic Director of the San Diego Women’s Chorus and Master Director of the San Diego Chorus, as well as the chorus members, for their continued help and generosity.
Steve Wilkison, for his patience and determination to make it the best site possible.
Steven May of BreviT, who created the Carl Marsh video.
Erdem Koca for the Diane Schuur video.
Sue Coccia, who drew all the little cartoons out of the goodness of her heart.
The Beta Testers and others who examined the site before it went live: Debra Hyslop, Diane Schuur, Donna Smith, Emily Schrader, Ineke Kokernoot, Jeff Evans, Jill Reitmeyer, Joan Maute, Kyle Maute, Mark Maute, Nicholas Campbell, Nicole Campbell, Pat Snyder, Ruth Jamieson, and Sandra Eikelenboom.

Everyone on the Janis Ian website and Janis Ian Facebook page, for their continued encouragement and support.

Every singer, player, actor, poet, dancer, songwriter, author, videographer, creator contributing to this project, whose generosity sets a shining example for us all.