The "Better Times" Project

Janis Ian & Friends

Charlie Foskett

Better Times Will Come by Janis Ian Performed by Charley Foskett
  1. Better Times Will Come Charley Foskett 2:59


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From Janis: Charley Foskett is a veteran record producer who’s worked with two Beatles, one Rolling Stone, one Led Zeppelin, and a host of other artists with recognizable names. He’s created two versions of BTWC; one (the “full montage”) begins with an introduction covering his own reasons for covering the song, family history, and other interesting information, followed by the song. The second version, featured here, is the song only. You can find both versions on my YouTube channel or via this page! 

In Charley’s own words, “after two long haul battles with cancer, he is still breathing and a happy boy.” Having recently turned 70, he hopes to give others hope – again in his words “not only to those who have been through and are going through similar circumstances, but to everyone out there who cares about their own health and well-being, especially in an upside down world stricken with pandemic and anger.” Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

(Janis Ian)

Better times, better times will come.
Better times, better times will come.
When this world learns to live as one,
oh, better times will come

When we greet each dawn without fear
knowing loved ones soon will be near
When the winds of war
cannot blow any more
Oh, better times will come


Though we live each day as our last
we know someday soon it will pass
We will dance, we will sing
in that never-ending spring
Oh, better times will come