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Woody Guthrie – “All Work Together”

Woody Guthrie - All Work Together
  1. All Work Together Woody Guthrie & Family 1:55


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You can play this on the jukebox, because even though it’s not Woody’s version of the song, the Guthrie family and foundation wanted to support this project in every way possible and have given permission for us to use it. As Janis says, “We are all Woody’s children here”.

You can also download all the different musical versions, in the order they went up.

Check Woody’s website for more info.
Check Arlo Guthrie’s website for more info.

Visit the Woody Guthrie page on the coloring pages section and download 2 coloring pages. 

Download the sheet music for “All Work Togther.”

Watch a video of The Vanaver Caravan perform “All Work Together.”

From Janis: Knowing how many songs Woody had written for his children, I contacted his daughter Nora, a long-time friend, to ask if the Guthrie archives might have anything to contribute. She in turn contacted her brother Arlo to get permission for us to offer the mp3 as well, and off we go! So here are two coloring pages, sheet music, and an mp3 of “All Work Together” for your very own!

This material is courtesy Woody Guthrie Publications,  and Rising Son Records. Woody’s 20 Grow Big Songs CD is available at the online store. Special thanks to Nora Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, and Anna Canoni for their help with this!