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Jon Bertelsen & Nina Unge (Swedish)

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CREDITS: Adapted to Swedish by Jon Bertelsen
Photo: Susanne Ström

From Janis: Continuing the Better Times Project’s belief that music has no borders, here’s Jon Bertelsen. A Norwegian who’s lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 1993, he’s a carpenter by trade, a guitarist, singer, and songwriter at heart. Jon writes and adapts songs and even newspaper pieces into Norwegian, Swedish and English. (In fact, we are waiting on his Norwegian version.) His friend Nine Unge is a Dalcroze Eurythmics teacher from Stockholm, Sweden (this is a method of teaching music to students). She joins Jon in all sorts of projects, playing the violin, recorder, and whatever else she can get her hands on! 

Adapted for Swedish by Jon Bertelsen

Bättre sen, bättre tider sen
Bättre sen, det blir bättre sen
När vår värld inser den är en
O det blir bättre sen

Möta dagen, inte va rädd
Känna kärlek, känna sig sedd 
och när , krigets vind
inte piskar din kind
O, det blir bättre sen


Lev som det blir din sista dag
fast vi vet det kommer bli bra
Det blir dans, det blir sång,
evig vår och soluppgång
O, det blir bättre sen

Better times later on
Better later on, better times later on
Better later on, it will be better later on
When our world realizes it is one
Oh, it will be better later on

Meeting the day, not being afraid
Feel love, feel seen 
and when the wind of war 
does not whip your cheek
Oh, it will be better later on


Live as it will be your last day
We know it will be all right
There will be dancing, there will be singing,
Eternal spring and sunrise
Oh, it will be better later on